Happy Hair People

Happy Hair People™ is on a mission to bring good hair days with joyful bursts of happiness. Turning haircare into a daily dose of delicious-smelling self-care.

The magic ingredient is a mood-boosting fragrance technology called happy MoodScentz™+. Scientifically proven to enhance happiness and create a positive frame of mind.

This breakthrough technology is backed by 35 years of pioneering scientific research on more than 7,000 people. For genuine, science-backed feel-good in the Happy Hair People scent.

MoodScentz™+ is a trademark of Givaudan

Happy Hair People™ is for everyone, whether curls and coils are craving happy hydration or waves want a bouncy boost. Blended with a recipe of amazing haircare ingredients that are cruelty free, vegan, and free from sulfates.

Packaged in sunny yellow bottles made from 50% recycled plastic to bring all the feel-good vibes.

The Happy Hair People™ community includes culture-makers who are shaping a new era of mental health - such as Project Healthy Minds. A non-profit tech making mental health services more accessible.

QR codes on Happy Hair People™ bottles connect to their “Guide For Healthy Minds.” The world’s first free digital mental health marketplace - helping people find mental health services based on how they’re feeling or what they’re going through.

Happy Hair People