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SLG is a creator of some of the high street's most fashionable beauty brands. It fuses trend, fashion, lifestyle and popular culture into remarkable beauty brand offerings. From within it's in-house team, SLG designs, develops and markets these brands to the global beauty market and has a reputation for incredible creativity and trend awareness.

The company's portfolio of brands covers cosmetics, bath & body, fragrance, haircare, beauty accessory and lifestyle categories. SLG was formed in Gloucester in 1985 and remains a family owned business.

It is a UK company with a global presence and a highly ambitious vision.


SLG is delighted to present its latest brand creation, COLAB™ Dry Shampoo. COLAB has been developed by a dynamic collective of beauty experts who combine the best of their backstage knowledge. The result is inspiring breakthrough formulas that fuse the art of hairdressing with the science of formulation. COLAB is proving to be a real game changer in the industry, COLAB’s signature range of ready-to-wear dry shampoos help keep hair feeling clean for longer, feature a revolutionary weightless, invisible formula & leave a fabulous veil of fashion fragrance. They’re perfect for all hair types that need an instant boost.